Crystal Coast Pet Rescue Foster Home Application

Fostering a rescued pet is a huge responsibility and one that must be accepted by the entire family. In an effort to find the best possible foster home for each our our pets, Crystal Coast Pet Rescue asks that you take the time to complete this application and discus and question you many have with one of our Rescue/Adoption Committee members. Foster care for a rescue pet can frequently last as long as six months and occasionally longer. Please be sure that you are able to make that commitment. You must be over the age of 18 to be considered as a foster home.
If you have questions about this form or any aspect of fostering, please email us at

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I am willing to Foster the following (Check all that apply)
Cat with Kittens Dog with Puppies
Kitten(s) Puppy(ies)
Sick Cat / Kitten Sick Dog/Puppy
Special needs Cat / Kitten Special Needs Dog / Puppy
Adult Cat Adult Dog

Do you or have you ever owned a pet? Yes No

Please list current pets, including any barnyard animals or cages pets you own.
Please include age and breed (where applicable):

Are they spayed and neutered?

Who is your Vet?

May we call your vet as a reference? Yes No

What type of housing do you live in?     Do you....Own Rent
*If you rent, please provide a letter of permission from your landlord with telephone number

Do you have a fenced yard? Yes No

Please describe the general area where the animal(s) you are fostering will be kept:

Do you have any children and what are their ages?

Does every family member agree to fostering a pet? Yes No

Can you transport to and from vet for appointments? Yes No

Can a prospective adopter call you regarding your foster pet? Yes No
Can they visit your home to meet the pet? Yes No

Have you ever crate trained a dog? Yes No
Will a crate need to be provided?Yes No
Have you ever taken a dog to an obedience class? Yes No

Area you willing to abide by all animal control laws with regard to your foster animal? Yes No

Have you ever fostered before? (This applies to any other organization) Yes No
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Please list three personal references:
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Are you willing to allow CCPR to complete a home visit before placing a pet in your care?Yes No

  • As a foster home you may have an animal in your care for a short period of time (1 week) or an extended period of time (as many as 3 months or more).
  • As a foster home you will be required to keep your foster dogs(s) in a leash or enclosed area (within a fence adequate for the dog) at all times. Dogs must live primarily indoors. Foster Cats must be kept indoors at all times.
  • While you are caring for foster pets, we may call you from time to tome to check on the animals' progress and address any concerns you may have.
  • As a foster home, we want you to know that it is occasionally necessary to euthanize an animal that has been in foster care. Although this is an option of last resort, it does occur for numerous reasons. CCPR does not euthanize healthy, adoptable pets.
  • A foster family shall NOT adopt out their foster pet to anyone without a completed adoption application and the prior approval of the Adoption Committee
  • I have read the above statements.

    By submitting this foster home application you certify the answers given are true and agree to the above statements.